Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Reggie White - Football Great & Messianic Believer


Many of you are probably aware football defensive great, Reggie White, died recently.

What many do not know is that the man know as a the "Minister of Defense" was a mighty man of G-d, and a Messianic Believer.

While listening to Fox News as they announced Reggie's death, they mentioned that in his final years he had been studying Judaism. This statement probably confused many as they knew him as a fiery Baptist Preacher who tackled controversial issues like he tackled quarterbacks, head-on, from the Word of G-d.

During Reggie's last year in football, one of his friends had given him a teaching on Torah by Monte Judah, from Lion and Lamb Ministries ( This teaching opened Reggie's eyes to the mighty Hebrew Roots of Scripture and lead him to study both Torah and Hebrew. According to Reggie, it opened his eyes to see Scripture as never before.

Please pray for Reggie's family and friends as they struggle with his loss. Monte Judah's Web Posting can be read at


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