Thursday, December 16, 2004


Hard to believe here we are at Hanukkah again. It is the second for the Congregation. This year there are 91 people celebrating with us.

Hanukkah is often mislabeled as "Jewish Christmas" by non-Jews. Nothing could be further from the truth. This celebration speaks volume of G-d's provision and deliverence of the Jewish People. It speaks of the a enemy once again trying to destroy G-d's people, of the Jewish people's resolve to stand against the enemy, and G-d's miraculous intervention to save His people.

As people experienced the lighting of the final candle (a Hanukkiah is a 9-branch Menorah, one candle for each day, and a 9th Shammash "servant"candle). The candles represent the 8 days the Menorah in the rededicated and cleansed temple, miraculously remained lit while new oil was made.

Like all of the feasts, it speaks of G-d's provision for Isra'el. For details on Hanukkah and how to celebrate Hanukkah see,

For pictures from the celebration see


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