Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Jewish / Messianic Living

Doing somewhat better today, glad to be home. Where the IV's were my arms look like someone beat me up.

A new article has been posted on the meaning of the mezuzah. It includes the prayers, history, and relevance for Messianic believers. it can be read at

Thanks for all your prayers.

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bgamall said...

Hi my name is Gary Anderson and I have been called to be a Christian, and was born of a Jewish father, adopted by Gentiles and three months and have something to contribute to this thread. I believe a Jewish person raised in a Jewish culture has the right to keep his culture but it should not be required. Proof of this is Galatians 2:14 where Paul confronts Peter, who Paul said does not live like a Jew but required the Gentiles to follow Jewish commands. I would hope that you would visit my website, and feel free to discuss with me the issues presented there. Sincerely, Gary