Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Using Pagan names for the one true G-d

Using Pagan names for the one true G-d


We recently went to see End of the Spear, a story about the 5 missionaries killed in Ecuador by an unreached people group during the 1950’s. While approaching the tribe, the missionaries used the tribal name for a god for the one true G-d. During our stay in the Middle East, we also noticed the use of Allah for the one true G-d.

My concern is, is it alright to use a pagan name for the one true G-d? Rabbi Sha’ul, when in Athens, talked about the memorial to ‘the unnamed god’, and used it to relate to the one true G-d, but he did not use Jupiter, Zeus, or other pagan deity.

The Jewish people have protected the Holy Name of G-d for 3500 years, even to the point where it is not used in the book of Esther. My concern is, is it right for “Christians” to use a pagan deities name in place of G-d’s true name?

Many pagan names are associated with demons, more than the true G-d. What does darkness have to do with light? Are we serving these people by compromising G-d’s name in order to relate to them? Allah comes from the moon god worshipped by Mohammed’s father, using that name as equal to the true G-d, are we now calling YHVH a moon G-d?

We know the church has replaced the true name of G-d with a mistranslated Jehovah (compliments of a 16th century monks mistranslation) instead of His most holy name YHVH. Now in a zeal to reach unbelievers (a laudable goal), we are using other names for Him also.

Is this G-d’s will or another compromise made in the name of spreading the Gospel and making it “palatable” to others? How many compromises can be made before we are no longer preaching the truth, and instead are spreading a lie?

Blessings in Messiah – Gavri’el


Stephen said...

I was aware of the 'Jehovah' thing, but not the other things...That's terrible.

Hokule'a said...

Aloha While living in Hawaii I became aware that much of the pagan religion that you associate with Hawaii is actually Tahitian, and that true Hawaiians have a word for the "One and True Creator God"

"Akua" This name is so sacred to them that they wouldnt tell the white missionaries about it until they realized that our GD was the same Akua they revered.

We need cultural sensibiliy and understanding, Remember that Jim Elliot and Nate Saint ( End of the Spear) were young men doing something that hadnt been done very well in the past. I dont agree with calling my GD Allah the name of a demon, But I use Akua ke Aloha "The Loving Creator" I know HE knows who I am refering to...