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Are the Rabbi’s right to not believe in “Jesus” as Messiah?

Are the Rabbi’s right to not believe in “Jesus” as Messiah?


This issue has been on my heart as it directly impacts how Jewish people see Yeshua as Messiah. The Rabbi’s and most Jewish people will not seriously consider Yeshua as the Messiah due to 3 issues: 1. Messiah was to bring peace, 2. the role of the church in anti-semiticism, and 3. The many churches teaching that the Torah is no longer valid.

I would like to discuss the last item; the Torah is no longer valid. Many denominations in the church today teach that the Torah has been “nailed to the cross”, and is no longer valid, but what does scripture really teach, and how can the teachings of the “New Testament” be reconciled to the Tanakh (Older Testament).

In the Torah, G-d says that if a prophet comes doing great signs & wonders, and denies or tries to eliminate the Torah, the person is to be killed. In the Newer Testament the sign of the anti-Messiah is he will try to change “times and seasons” (Shabbat & Feasts), and be the “lawless one” (without Torah).

Let’s examine what Messiah Yeshua’s position on the Torah was.
1. We know (though some in the Church deny it), that Yeshua was 100% Torah observant.
2. We also know He never said one word against the keeping of Torah (the law as translated in many Bibles, from the Greek nomos, which in the Septuagint is always translated Torah).
3. We know He said “not one yod or tittle” would pass away until the end of the age.
4. We know in fact that He said, “if you love me, keep my commands (Torah)”

Please understand – “Had Yeshua taught against Torah, He would not be Messiah, and would have rightfully been condemned to death, per G-d’s own word”. Thus our Messiah never did away with Torah, or told us to not keep Torah.

So the Rabbi’s are right in questioning anyone who says “Jesus is the Christ” and that He did away with the Torah. Even by the “New Testament” that many denominations fixate on to the exclusion of all else (some will not even open the Older Testament), Messiah Yeshua would not be the Messiah by the scriptures stated above.

Let us realize that the Rabbi’s are much wiser than most give them credit for. Unless the church stops pushing a Torah eliminating Messiah, the Jewish people are right to not give credence to the arguments presented for Messiah Yeshua.

Blessings – Gavri’el

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