Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Websites Launched


I'm pleased to say the new web sites have been launched. While they are still very simple and need more work, they are beginning to take shape.

Here is the list:
1. End Anti-Semitism Now! shows past anti-semitic activities and alerts to rising anti-semitism. Designed to counter the denial & lies being told today by those who wish to once again kill our people.

2. Hebrew Root & Root of Faith provide education for Christians on the Jewish Root of the Scriptures, Adonai and Messiah Yeshua. Scripture takes on a totally fresh meaning when understood from it's proper Jewish Context.

3. Jewish Root provides education & provocative thought on non-Messianic Jewish interpretation of scripture. Questions Rabbinic teachings that contradict scripture, while attempting to open minds to a better interpretaion.

4. Cyber Synagogue provides Messianic teachings & synagogue services to persons who cannot attend a local congregation, or live in areas without solid Messianic teaching organizations.

We praise Adonai for providing these new openings to minister His message.

We believe this is a significant path to embark on, and ask for your prayers. It is expected to take several months for these new sites to mature, but Adonai willing, they will grow and produce good fruit.

Blessings Gavri'el

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