Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Life & Teachings of Messiah Part 2


We have just posted the 2nd part of a new teaching series on the Life & Teachings of Messiah that we wanted to share with you. This teaching covers the birth, circumcision & Pidyon Haben (redemption) of Yeshua the Messiah. The Previous teachings can be found online, or in past Blog entries.

Teh teachings are based on a harmonized Gospel, so elements of all 4 books are covered in a cohesive, linear approach that offers a fresh prospective on the Messiah's life (while on earth). The teaching specifically addresses the correct historical and Jewish cultural elements presented in the Gospels, and removes man-made anti-semitic interpetations added by later translators.

The Life & Teachings of Messiah Part 2

I hope you enjoy this fresh look at scripture. This series will most likely last through Passover.

Blessings - Gavri'el

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