Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tossed To & Fro


I have been noticing how many people are unstable in their beliefs. Being Messianic often means attracting many Gentiles who do not identifiy with mainline Protestant or Catholic beliefs. These people generally fall into 2 groups:
1. individuals who have legitimate concerns, seeing doctrinal error and elements of pagan practices in both groups. This group legitimately moves out from under those teachings, and seeks a place where they can go to find a closer relationship to G-d.
2. individuals who seem to be doctrinally lost or confused, and like Rabbi Sha'ul (Paul) stated, are "being tossed to & fro".

We have seen many who come seeking abstract or esooteric expressions of faith. Examples include:
- those who have been seduced by the so called "Black Hebrew Movement", who claim black American slaves are the real Jews and that the Jewish people are not Jewish at all (easily disproved as these groups follow racist teaching and focus only on European Jews and do not address the Sephardic Jews).
- those who have been enticed by personal "Angels", who teach them to worship the Angel under the guise of worshipping G-d (scripture makes clear we are to worship G-d alone, and that no Angel apart from the Angel of the L-rd accepts worship if they are of G-d).
- those Gentiles who want to become Jewish, feeling it makes them more worthy before G-d.
- those who are unable to submit to any spiritual accountability.
- those who are lost in doctrinal dispute and unable to determine a path.
- those actually wanting to convert to classical Judaism (which in effect, renounces Yeshua as Messiah).

The above is just a sample of the people that come and go. Some have become friends, and it is very difficult to see them move down a path, often towards destruction, and those who care trying desperately to change their path.

The Messianic Movement is not about doctrinal strife, esoteric worship, or lack of accountability. It isn't about requiriing someone to become Jewish. It is a movement that seeks to:
- worship and follow after G-d in a clearly Biblically centered approach.
- Practice as the first followers of Messiah practiced.
- Restore the centraility of Torah as G-d's perfect will for how we conduct or lives.
- Restore the Feasts of the L-rd.
- eliminate pagan practices, rituals & beliefs.

Beloved, guard your hearts, for Ha-Satan is like a lion walking about seeing who he may devour.

If you haven't seen any of the above issues, great, if on the other hand you are struggling with some of those same problems, seek counsel, before it is too late.

Blessings - Gavri'el

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