Thursday, January 26, 2006

Spiritual Arrogance, Need for Discipleship & Accountability


The directions of the posts are becoming considerably more personal as we discuss issues & concerns in the body of believers. These issues create divisiveness and can grieve the Holy Breath (Spirit).

I’d like to address 3 related items:
- Spiritual Arrogance
- Need for Discipleship
- Accountability.

The three areas are often intertwined, and error in one, is often compounded or expanded by the others.

Spiritual arrogance - is believing the person is the sole hearer of G-d. It manifests itself in an aura of superiority about scripture knowledge, hearing G-d, and believing better of ones-self than others. It is destructive in nature, and totally contrary to the teachings of Messiah & scripture.

Need for Discipleship – is the need to follow a consistent teaching and mentor for a period of time, to get well grounded in the beliefs and doctrines of the faith. The majority of errors of today and in the past can be tied to this lack of discipleship. Discipleship will be addressed more fully in another post.

Accountability – No man (or woman) is an island. It is not G-d’s plan for “lone ranger” believers. The need for the assembly, and accountability are to ensure the proper walk of the believer. We all need G-dly men and women to hold us accountable: doctrinally, financially, spiritually and physically.

We all have probably seen examples of Spiritual Arrogance; we all may have even been guilty of it from time to time. Some of the primary factors in Spiritual Arrogance are lack of accountability & limited or no mentoring or discipleship. At YHMM (Yeshua Ha’Mashiach Ministries) & CBHM (Congregation Beth Ha’Mashiach), we have 2 official levels or accountability (the Board of Directors & MAMA - The Messianic Alliance of Metro Atlanta) & one unofficial (personal mentors) level. Persons without mentors, accountability and discipleship are easy targets for Ha-Satan (the adversary). As the person becomes convinced they “hear from G-d” more clearly than others, it creates a breeding ground for pride and divisive or false doctrine. Since they have limited or no accountability, there is no one to question their direction or hearing, thus error can manifest itself, and go unchecked. These beliefs can then result in issues of authority and submission.

Many local assemblies have been split or destroyed by Spiritual Arrogance. We have personally spoken to many leaders who can each relate personal incidences of being involved in splits or worse, all due to a person with the body becoming Spiritually Arrogant and believing they had a “better word from G-d” than the leader of the assembly. In every sense, this is Rebellion, and by definition, is contrary to G-d.

Guard your hearts beloved, for Ha-Satan is waiting to devour!


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