Thursday, January 12, 2006

End Anti-Semitism Website


Anit-Semitism is on the rise, recent statments by Irans president are just the tip of the iceberg. Jewish worshippers were stabbed in a Moscow synagogue just 2 days ago. Polls reveal over half those under 25 in Europe believe the Holocaust was false, or not as bad as reported.

We are planning to launch a End Anti-semitism website, aimed at all, but espically the Church. Past silence by the Church allowed many to be killed in Europe, and the American Churches still harbor many anti-semitic & false teachings on guilt of the Jews in killing Messiah and replacement theology which teacheds all of G-d's promises to Israel are now only for the Church.

Keep an eye open for the launch of this new site.



Davo said...

Just dropped in to say that have also been 'looking into' the 'origins' of christianity.

Mrs.V said...

Thank you for another thought-provoking post..I am an ex-Catholic, having walked away(hopefully) from all religiousity in my teens. I have been many times at odds with other believers for their seemingly willful blindness when it comes to the false teachings they adhere to. I have refused to celebrate Christmas and Easter for 20 years. Many have said even researching into a life guided by Torah would be embracing legalism, but I ask them if they don't consider their staunch Christmas, Sunday, etc.. a form of legalism?
I also am well aware of the part religious people have played in the Holocaust and other atrocities perpetrated upon HaShem's people...I am deeply troubled by the distance between Gentile believer and can things be made right while those who cling to their 'New Testament' doctrines are so unmoveable? Only truly knowing the One Who is Truth will set us free..

M. Valcourt
W. Canada