Monday, January 09, 2006

Top Messianic Books


Here is our Top picks for books (more will be added soon). Each has been personally reviewed.

1. Complete Jewish Bible - Dr. David Stern
2. Restoration - D. Thomas Lancaster
3. Jewish New Testament Commentary - Dr. David Stern
4. Jesus didn't have Blue Eyes - Derek Leman
5. Paul Didn't eat Pork - Derek Leman
6. Messianic Jewish Manifesto - Dr. David Stern
7. Restoring the Jewishness of the Gospel - Dr. David Stern

Traditional Jewish
1. Chumash - Stone
2. Tanakh - Jewish Publication Society



Da Katz & Reni said...

I think I've heard of Derek Leman before... Is he with an organization?? His books have amusing titles.

What congregation do you go to, by the way???

I'm not going anywhere at the moment. The main "Messianic" congregation here in town has some very non-scriptural leadership practices and if you ask them about it--they don't act with too much agape.

Kindest of regards,
Katie. ^..^

Gavri'el - MMin said...

Derek is the Messianic Leader of Hope of David in Atlanta. He is also the President of our local alliance - Messianic Alliance of Metro Atlanta ( He has 4 books out and a 5th on the way. Very good author, explains complex issues in an understandable way.