Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why is the Shema recited every Shabbat?

Why is the Shema recited every Shabbat?

The Shema was repeated by Yeshua and is the summary of our faith; both as Jews and those claiming Messiah as their savior.

Hear O Isra'el (both Jews and grafted-in Believers), the L-RD our G-D is One!

Contrary to the widely held misconception world-wide that there are three gods, there is in fact only one. Yeshua in the flesh was fully man, in the Spirit, fully G-D, not a god, but the G-D. That G-D can both indwell (live inside) Yeshua and also in Heaven confuses many; but should not, after all, He lives in each of use through His Ruach Ha'Kodesh!

If you don't agree that many think we believe in 3 gods, just ask unsaved Jews or Moslem's, or any of the 5 billion people who are not believers.

Judaism of Yeshua's time was the only monotheistic religion. Had Antiochus succeeded in wiping out Judaism, monotheism would have been totally supplanted by polytheism.

Yeshua stated that He agreed fully there is only one G-D. Further more Yeshua included the Shema as part of the summary of commandments in Mark 12:29-30.

The Shema is what makes Isra'el, and by extension what makes Christianity.

If there where no Isra'el, there would be no Scriptures.
If there where no Isra'el, there would be no Messiah.
If there were no Messiah, there would be no Believers, Messianic or Christian.

Thus the Shema is critical, and we as Believers, and Messianic Jew's, also repeat it daily!

Shalom - Rabbi Gavri'el

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