Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is it appropriate to give First Fruit Offerings on Shabbat?

Is it appropriate to give First Fruit Offerings on Shabbat?

As many of you know, we do not collect a tithe, as today there is no functional Levites or Priests to support. It is often ironic how many today say "we are not under the Law (Torah)", but still collect a Tithe, which was only for the Levites, who then gave 10% of the 10% to the Priests (Sons of Aaron).

While many may say the preacher now functions as a Priest, this cannot be in any protestant denomination, and as is clearly taught, all believers are now Cohenim (Priests) of ADONAI. Thus using that logic, we all could collect the Tithe (please don't try this at home).

Alternately, there is a totally Scriptural offering that should be made by all believers, and is still totally functional today, the First Fruits Offering. This offering was a gift to ADONAI, which was especially Holy. Since the First Fruits where an offering, it made the remaining 90% Holy and promised ADONAI's blessing upon it.

Now back to the original question, is it permissible to give an offering on Shabbat? The answer is yes. Why? Offerings are a free-will expressions of a person's thanksgiving and joy for all that ADONAI has done and will do. As such, the Rabbis agreed that free will offerings could be brought into the Temple on Shabbat.

We follow the same Halacha in that modern day First Fruits offerings are acceptable on Shabbat.

Shalom - Rabbi Gavri'el

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