Tuesday, March 27, 2007

False Teachers, the Internet & Distribution of materials

The Synagogue leadership strives very hard to prevent false teachings from entering the Congregation. That is one reason we carefully determine who can be in leadership and who can address the Congregation.

Leadership has an extra accountability before G-d for the members of the Congregation. If we teach falsely, or allow false teachers to teach, we are guilty for the damage caused by that teaching. In effect, we have "blood on our hands" as if we taught falsely.

To that end, great caution and discernment must be used in allowing persons to address the Congregation, especially in matters such as a prophetic word, and other manifestations of the Ruach.

While leadership believes these gifts are valid today, we also agree that many use them for their own glory, not for Adonai's, and thus are not from G-d.

Another area of concern is the preponderance of false teaching available in both books, and especially on the Internet. For every good site, there are 10 bad sites.

Likewise, there are known groups who promote doctrines that Leadership believes are contrary to scripture, an example is the group from the Sunday debate, who said we were not saved because we follow Torah. Other groups including some Black Hebrew groups that reject the Jewish people, claiming they are the only true Jews.

There are additional groups who teach doctrines stating, in effect, that everyone saved is really a Jew or from a lost tribe (No Gentiles?). Others state G-d has forsaken our Jewish Brothers and that they are cursed (No Jews). Many today teach the Church has replaced Isra'el and that G-d will not redeem His people. All views we believe are contrary to Scripture..

Because of these wide spread teachings that are so prevalent today, we must respectfully ask that no materials be given out (electronic or paper) that have not been approved in advance. No one would want to be the cause of making a weaker brother stumble. So please respect these rules.

Additionally, the Congregation is not a place to solicit for a persons own personal ministry. If you have a ministry that G-d has placed on your heart, please work with leadership to see if it is consistent with the vision and purpose of the Synagogue.

Shalom, Rabbi Gavri'el & the Leadership of Congregation Beth Ha'MAshiach

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