Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Celebrating the Resurrection

Celebrating the Resurrection

With our Sunday brothers concentrating on celebrating Resurrection Day in 2 weeks, it may not be clear as to why we do not celebrate Resurrection day on the same day, and why we do not call it "Easter".

First let's discuss the timing so we as a Synagogue can better explain to those who ask.

Just as we believe the Shabbat is important; we believe all of Adonai's Moed'im (appointed times) are important. The Resurrection occurred on Nissan 17 the year our Messiah died for our sins. This Day, exactly 3 days after Passover, was forever linked to the Passover. For at Passover our Messiah died for us, and on Nissan 17, He was resurrected to show G-d had accepted the perfect sacrifice.

Furthermore, Nissan 17 is the Feast of First Fruits by one of the 2 traditions held on when First Fruits is to be celebrated (we follow this interpretation). Thus G-d chose First Fruits to bring forth His First Fruits of the promised resurrection.

That being the case, we feel very strongly that just as man does not have the authority to change Shabbat; man does not have the authority to change Passover or First Fruits. Thus we celebrate these 2 critical events according to G-d's calendar as stated in scripture.

As for using the term Resurrection Day vs Easter. Many today are switching to the term Resurrection Day to better identify the reason for the celebration. The origins of the word Easter have nothing to do with our Messiah and may have pagan meanings. We believe this is a very positive move as we are to have nothing to do with any form or practice which distracts from the Messiah.

So what about Easter Eggs & Bunnies. Each person must decide for themselves. We do not subscribe to those as a Synagogue as they have a mixed history and clearly do not point to the Messiah.

In Summary

We are called to follow G-d and His Messiah. We believe that includes following His appointed times and seasons. So if your friends ask about Easter, explain lovingly we celebrate Resurrection Day on the day G-d appointed it to happen over 3500 years ago.


TK said...

Hello, just wanted to say Shalom and that I am a person trying to do G-d's will in the Torah. I am not going to be celebrating Easter this year. I do understand that for many Christians, this is a Holy time and I do not want to judge them at all. How does one like yourself convince true Christians who love Jesus yet keep Easter, that Passover should not be ignored?

Theresa TK

Rabbi Gavri'el said...

We celebrate Resurrection day on the 3rd day after Passover (Nisan 17). That is the Biblical practice.

As for how to inform others, only do it when they ask, with Love. Make sure not to be seen as critical or telling them they have to do it your way.

Blessings RGBG