Friday, February 22, 2008

Olive Tree Theology

When people discuss Theology, many terms are used. Two of the most common are: Replacement Theology and Dispensation. These two Theologies reflect how the adherents view Adonai's working in the world.

Replacement Theology states that the Church has replaced Israel and G-d is no longer working with the Jewish nation. We totally reject this Theology considering it unBiblical and anti-Semitic.

Dispensation Theology states that G-d works differently through periods (dispensations) of mans development. Thus there are a number (3-7) of dispensations, from innocence (before sin) through Mosaic (the Torah) to Grace (Messiah). While this view does say G-d will again deal with national Israel, it fails to consider that G-d does not change. Thus we do not hold to this Theology.

So what Theology do we adhere to? The Olive Tree Theology. This view is well stated in David Sterns Messianic Manifesto. In a nut shell, it states all Gentiles who come to belief are grafted into Israel, not taking the place of Israel. This view is totally in agreement with Rabbi's Sha'ul's (Paul) statements in Romans.

So why do we view Olive Tree as superior to Replacement and Dispensational Theology? Primarily because too many times those adhering to either Replacement and Dispensational Theology are by deed (and sometimes word) rejecting the concept that they are grafted into Israel. Yet without being grafted in, from where does their nourishment and root come from?

In Summary

We adhere to the view that all Believers, Jew or former Gentile, are grafted into Israel. It is from the Forefathers and Prophets we gain our root; which ultimately ties us to Messiah and Adonai.

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