Saturday, July 14, 2007

Congregational Mikvah

G-D has granted our Congregation our own Mikvah. This is a major accomplishment. Unlike a Baptistery in a Church, a Mikvah is used frequently and is related to all important Life Cycle events. Our Mikvah is located next to the bookstore. It has a private changing area included to make it's use as private as possible. The Mikvah is so important, it was to be built before even the Synagogue. To fund a Mikvah you are even allowed to sell a Torah scroll!

To ensure security, an alarm camera is mounted in the room, and the door will be kept locked. The security camera senses motion and immediately alarms in anyone enters the room. A drape covering for the camera will be installed to ensure complete privacy during the Mikvah.

Details of the Mikvah are included in the Ask the Rabbi section below. To schedule a Mikvah: women should contact Rabbinit D'vorah (Dee Dee), men should contact Rabbi Gavri'el or Micha'el.

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