Saturday, May 05, 2007

Eschatology Debate After-Report

Just arrived home. The debate went very well over all; I was a little weak in the first half (I don't play defense well), but I think I rallied back strong on my own affirmative argument. Probably my biggest blunder was accidentally (and repeatedly) calling Don "Pat." He took it in good grace and humor and gave me a friendly ribbing for it.

Having met Don Preston face-to-face, I can say with all honesty that he's as much a gentleman in person as he is over the phone and email. Don, if you read this, thank you very much for a wonderful and challenging debate, for your good grace and humor, and please thank your sister for Steve, my parents, and me for the wonderful cinnamon buns.

We've got some editing work left to do, including me needing to organize my slides for easy-ripping to video, so it'll probably be a few weeks before its available. When it is, I should have them available on the website--along with some new articles that Don's arguments during the debate.

Service is about to begin here at Congregation Beth HaMashiach, so I've got to run.

Shabbat Shalom!

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