Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jonathan Settel - Live May 18th

Congregation Beth Ha'Mashiach is blessed to be able to host one of the most renowned Messianic music artists in modern history. On May 18th, Jonathan will lead our Erev Shabbat Worship service

Jonathan's vocal style are truly a blessing from the L-RD. His deep baritone voice, along with a rich tonality make each note a treasure, leaving the listener wanting to hear more and more. Jonathan also has an unusually wide vocal range as well, not found in most baritone voices.

Please call or email to RSVP your seat at this wonderful occasion. We expect a full house and a Special Offering (apart from the normal Congregational First Fruits Offering) will be taken up for Jonathan.

Jonathan will lead us in an extended Praise & Worship time. Normal Liturgy and teaching will also take place.

His recent releases include:
I Believe
Kol Ba'Midbar
Arise and have Mercy

Plan to bring friends to this wonderful time of Praise & Worship! Don't forget to RSVP. Those with RSVP's will be given first choice of seating. In the event we exceed the facilities allowable seating (per the Fire Marshal), those not having a RSVP will not be able to participate in the event.

Under no circumstances will people be allowed to attend only the praise & worship portion of the service. Please make sure all guests you invite are aware of this.

This is not a concert, but part of our weekly Erev Shabbat service. Persons wishing only to participate in the Praise & Worship are not showing proper respect for ADONAI's word.

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