Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Whats in a name?


Many in the Congregation have noticed that I am using Gavri'el (my hebrew name) more and in correspondence. You may be wondering why, so I thought it was appropriate to explain.

In English, a name is treated as merely a name, but in many cultures, a name is much more, it has meaning! For example, we use Yeshua instead of Jesus, why, because Yeshua was His original name and it means literally "Salvation"!

Taking from my Grandmothers heritage (Sephardic from Spain), Gavri'el is my given Hebrew name. Choosing to use Gavri'el reflects more than a "change of name", but a "change of identity". Why a change, because it correctly reflects the identity G-d revealed to me on our recent trip to Israel, and upon our return.

One personal note I would like to share. While we were in the Praise and Worship before going into the prison 3 weeks ago, G-d told me clearly in my Spirit, "you are Gavri'el". He repeated this 3 times. He has futher confirmed that by affirming my place amongst His people.

He has completed my identity!

Note:Gavri'el means messanger of G-d.

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