Monday, April 10, 2006

Why was the Temple destroyed in 70 CE


While traveling in Israel, we had the privialge of visiting the "Rabbinic Tunnel" that runs under the Moslem Quarter, right next to the Temple mount. This is the same tunnel that sparked the intafada in the 90's when Moslem extremists claimed it had gone under the dome of the rock (it did not, as no part is under the Temple Mount).

During the tour, we were privilaged to see the closest spot to the Holy of Holies that Jews are allowed to visit. Our guide, a bright eyed young Israeli woman, explained that the Rabbi's taught the first Temple had been destroyed because of unjustice & idolitry. She proceeded to tell a story of why the second Temple was destroyed.

The paraphrased story is that a man held a huge feast, inviting everyone to come. His best friends invitation was mistakenly delivered to his enemy, who showed up at the feast. The man saw his enemy, and went to have him thrown out. The man, not wishing to be shamed, begged to not be thrown out, even offering to pay for the entire feast, but instaed he was shamed, and cast out. Thus hate was the cause of the destruction of the second Temple.

It is ironic that the Rabbi's have come up with an simple explanation for why the Temple was destroyed, ignoring the fact that the Talmud clearly teaches that the Yom Kippur sacrifices were not acepted by G-d for 40 years before the destruction (Yoma 39b). What happended 40 years before? The Messiah came, and offered Himself as a perfect sacrifice, thus a mere goat would no longer suffice.

It was not hate that destroyed the Temple, it was that it was not longer needed, as a more perfect sacrifice had been made.

Blessings in Messiah

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