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Rabbinic Validation of Yeshua as Messiah


One of my favorite research activities is to study the Talmud & Rabbinic sources for clear validation that Yeshua is Messiah. I do this not only because I enjoy it, but following in the path of Dr. Michael Brown (writer of Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus Volumes 1-3), I believe it allows us to show Messiah from Scriptural & Rabbinic sources to our people.

Michael Bugg had this little tidbit on His blog, which I repost with His permission. These are fully verifiable.

Here is the excerpt:

The rabbis were not unfamiliar with exorcism. Their method was to command the demon in the Name of YHVH to give them its name; once they had the spirit's name, they were able to command it out with that name. (We see Yeshua using this method in the case of Legion; Luke 8:30ff.) However, in the case of a demon that kept its victim mute, they could not force it to give its name and therefore could not cast it out.

The amazing thing to them about Yeshua was not simply that He was casting out demons, but that He was doing so without involking the Name of YHVH, demonstrating that He had authority in and of Himself to command them. When He commanded out a demon of muteness, this was further proof that Yeshua is in fact the Messiah.

There were three miracles that had never been done before that the Rabbis expected the Messiah to do: Cast out a mute spirit, heal a man born blind (cf. John 9), and cure an Israelite with leprosy (up to this point, only Namaan the Syrian had been cured of that disease). Thus, the Pharisees could not have helped but know Yeshua was the Messiah, and had to willfully close their eyes by accusing Him of being possessed by the Adversary!

For the full text go to: B'rit Chadasha Blog

So we see that Rabbinic claims that Yeshua is not Messiah do not reflect all Rabbinic thinking, and even ignore some clear proofs in scripture, like the above miracles. We will discuss other proofs as we go along, Adonai willing.

Blessings in Messiah

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